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Emoji DIYs

Here is the lastest video tutorial from my favorite Youtube channel. Check out her fun and cute Emoji school supply ideas! You can find some really fun Emoji projects on her channel. From school supplies, room decor, lip balm, slime and more. Her crafts are completely family friendly and perfect for schools, Emoji birthday parties and more. Make some really cool Emoji crafts for any need.

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10 DIY School Supplies From Makeup

Today I want to show you this cool video from KimspiredDIY on Youtube.  She makes a lot of DIY craft type videos on Youtube that are full of creativity and uniqueness.  You can find Emoji videos, school supplies, miniature, giants and lots more.  All of her videos are easy to follow and provide great craft ideas for kids, teens and adults.  This new video is a fun school supply video where she takes makeup supplies and turns them into school supplies.  How about a nile file pen or highlighter? An eyeshadow notebook or makeup brush bookmark? Nail polish glue or eraser? These are just a few of the great craft ideas you can find in this video.

I’m a huge fan of KimspiredDIY and love waiting for a new video to come out so I can see what she has created. There are plenty of videos to watch which means lots of craft projects to make.

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Arts and Craft Ideas For Children

Arts and crafts are so fun to do with the kids and there are so many great projects.  You can find great ideas to do with the kids or you can give them directions and watch how they follow and complete the craft.  Either way its a learning experience for the child and it also gives them something to do and learn while they are at it. Some ideas for arts and crafts are: paper plate crafts these are always easy because most of the time you already have plates on hand at home.  Make them into animals like snakes, pigs, frogs, ladybugs and more.  You can also turn them into food – how about watermelon, lemons & limes? Turn a plate into a clock and teach kids how to tell time. They can also be turned into musical instruments, baskets and so much more. How we learn has 75 ideas for paper plate crafts.

Other ideas kids would love: make slime, homemade playdoh, or gak.  All these provide hours of fun for kids to play with.  A basic slime recipe is glue, liquid starch and food coloring or paint to color.  You can make playdoh with items you already have in your kitchen.

Popsicle stick crafts are another fun idea.  You can turn them into airplanes, animals, puzzles, flowers and more. Powerful Mothering has 25 creative ideas for kids popsicle crafts.

Crafting with kids should be fun and provide some learn too.  If you don’t want to make your own arts and crafts you can always think about a craft kit where you can buy all the things needed to make a particular craft.  You can find these at stores like Walmart and Target.  There are so many ideas out there that are fun, creative and easy and will provide tons of fun for the kids and adults too. If you ever get stuck on finding ideas Pinterest is a great place to look for kids craft ideas.

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